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Built from the ground up on the idea that local sourcing nourishes the community, The Source Public House is committed to procuring and serving food that is fresh, clean, natural and local. Appreciating all forms of local creativity—from brewers and cheesemakers to musicians and painters—The Source provides a space for Wisconsin art and artisanship to flourish in everything it does.

We are a Menasha, Wisconsin restaurant that is a regional destination for those interested in good, fresh, clean, natural food that is locally sourced and produced with sustainability in mind.

We are a unique destination restaurant in the Fox Cities, that focuses on a comfortable, casual atmosphere for dining during the day and early evening that is perfect for a date, a meeting with friends, or a dinner with your family. We transform in the evenings to be a lively bar that features live music on stage and 14 different Wisconsin craft beers on tap.

We are driven to serve food that is locally sourced, fresh, natural and free of unnecessary pesticides, chemicals, hormones or steroids. Furthermore, we want to ensure that not only does our food taste delicious, but that it is prepared, presented and served with excellence. Our meat, fish, and poultry come from local farms through Wisconsin based distributors that share our passion for sustainable agriculture.

We offer a menu that is simple, changes as frequently as local product dictates, and offers a variety of choices to match different palettes.

We are not fine dining.  You will not find any tablecloths.  But, we are a clean restaurant that offers excellent food in a casual and fun atmosphere.

We have a beautiful, seasonal patio to enjoy which also allows friendly, leashed dogs to join their owner's and receive a free dog treat.

We are 'green' wherever practical. That means cloth napkins, not paper, as little plastic use as possible, and glass, even outside on our beer garden. You won't find the standard styrofoam takeout containers here, instead we use compostable, eco-friendly boxes that can be recycled or if thrown away, will breakdown quickly in a landfill environment

We care about our environment and will act responsibly to protect and preserve it by keeping kitchen waste to a minimum, composting and recycling whenever possible, growing vegetables and herbs ourselves when possible, and canning and preserving products when we can.


Farmer's are Wisconsin's original entrepreneurs and we are proud to serve the product of their efforts in our restaurant.

In year's past, people had a natural connection to the land. Producing food on local farms was necessary to support community life and people were in tune with the harvest seasons.

Over the past 100 years, rural populations have migrated towards urban life. As a result, many of the connections people once had to the land as their source of food became strained or broken. In today's society, we are largely disconnected from productive agriculture and people generally don't know where their food comes from beyond the grocery store.

At The Source Public House, we want to reconnect people to the land by serving food that is primarily grown right here in Wisconsin. Wisconsin's plentiful bounty includes a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, honey, syrups, meat, fish, and poultry. At The Source Public House, we want you to know, not only where the food we serve comes from, but we want you to enjoy the delicious difference in our primarily locally sourced dishes.