Farmer's are Wisconsin's original entrepreneurs and we are proud to serve the product of their efforts in our restaurant.

In year's past, people had a natural connection to the land. Producing food on local farms was necessary to support community life and people were in tune with the harvest seasons.

Over the past 100 years, rural populations have migrated towards urban life. As a result, many of the connections people once had to the land as their source of food became strained or broken. In today's society, we are largely disconnected from productive agriculture and people generally don't know where their food comes from beyond the grocery store.

At The Source Public House, we want to reconnect people to the land by serving food that is primarily grown right here in Wisconsin. Wisconsin's plentiful bounty includes a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, honey, syrups, meat, fish, and poultry. At The Source Public House, we want you to know, not only where the food we serve comes from, but we want you to enjoy the delicious difference in our primarily locally sourced dishes.