Sound/Lighting Reinforcement Specifications




Main L/R

            -(4)JBL VRX932LAP(Flown)

            -(2)JBL VRX918SP(Flown)

            -(2)JBL PRX418S(Ground). Powered by a pair of bridged Crown XTI 2002

Front Fill

            -(2) JBL PRX710


             -Soundcraft SiPerformer 2

            -Soundcraft Compact Stagebox over MADI utilizing 32 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs


            -(4)JBL PRX712

            -Additional monitors/mixes available if necessary, though limited to 10 total mixes and 6 total stage monitors.

            -Monitors run from FOH


            -(1)Audix D6

            -(4)Audix i5

            -(4)Shure SM58

            -(3)Sennheiser e604

            -(1)Shure SM57

            -(2)Audix f9

            -(2)AKG C1000

            -(2)BBE Magnum DI(active)

            -(2)Whirlwind IMP2 DI(passive)


            -(12)Chauvet Slim Par 64 RGBA

            -Controlled via Soundcraft SiPerformer2 as a simple conventional lighting controller.

            -Additional lighting available. Show dependent.



*All mic cables and mic stands are provided in-house. Instrument cables are not available.

**Audio technician is provided in-house. Audio technician will control basic downstage lighting for show. Lighting technician provided for specialty/larger shows and events.

Technical questions and comments, please with Aaron Duesterhoeft at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.