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Jacob Green, One Man Band

Free Dinner Show with Jacob Green, A One Man Band!

Energetic rhythms and captivating melody , Jacobs Green brews bona fide homegrown music. Blues singer/songwriter with a twist, Jacob Green , becomes an 'OneManBand', Stomp Box under foot, harmonica upon neck, strumming instruments tirelessly touring the country. Whether Green plays guitar, banjo, dobro, or ukulele, he forms rhythm, percussion, and lead simultaneously transforming into the “OneManGreenBand”. Green’s harvests a resonance of the modern day gypsy, awakening original roots and blues folk songs . The once “down-trodden” old-fashioned blues lyrics to positive riffs of change and “be green”. His versatile homegrown, organic, original songs bring a fresh approach to old-school roots and blues folk music.
Originally from Wisconsin, but have been consistently touring Cross Country for the past 5 years, playing over 40 states & averaging 130+ shows a year. Whether if it's Festivals, Concert Halls, Breweries, Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops or occasionally buskin' on the street, I'm the guy who never stops playing music.