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Auralai w/ Special guest Jordan Enter

Auralai w/ Special Guest Jordan Enter
| $8 DOOR | 21+ | 9:30 PM |

Genre: Indie Pop-ish

Auralai is fronted by Stephanie Tschech and her beloved cello, Cranky Agnes, accompanied by Multi-instrumentalist, Nate Lehner (bass,guitar,Mandolin) and sometimes graced with the tasteful percussive work of Namiah Tribolini. Stephanie, originally a classically trained cellist, strayed from her roots to evolve into an indie/pop singer-songwriter, using Cranky Agnes as a multi-instrument with a combination of plucking, strumming, and bowing. With Nate's swooning guitar parts and moving bass lines, Auralai is sure to steal (or break) your heart.Auralai